Any spiritual port in a storm

20190201 - Any spiritual port in a stormApart from the humidity and uber-crowded beaches, there’s another reason I know when summer’s come to Sydney – the water lilies that blossom in our courtyard pond. Because gardening in general, and tending a pond in particular, are not my strong suits, each year in the winter months when the lilies recede I harbour a small fear that they’ve actually gone away for good. And each year when summer comes, their gentle yet joyous re-emergence pokes fun at my spectacular lack of trust. They also remind me of an art tour of Rajasthan I took with my sister Janet, a month before this Big Breast Adventure began. Bet you’re wondering why, or maybe not, but you know I’m going to tell you anyway right?

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Great viewing in September 2013

The Newsroom Seasons 1 and 2…One half of my family loves The Newsroom a relatively new series created by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame.  It’s a political drama set in a New York newsroom with a brilliant, cranky anchor (Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy), a savvy, committed executive producer who also happens to be the former lover of Will McAvoy (Emily Mortimer as MacKenzie McHale), and absolute stand out performances from Sam Waterson as Charlie Skinner (president of the news division of the fictitious media conglomerate) and Jane Fonda as Leona Lansing (the mogul who owns the whole shebang). I say one half of the family but it’s really more like two-thirds.  Continue Reading