Wollongong wrap!

imageThe 10th and final day of the tour, folks, and Wollongong – perhaps the most famous of ‘Ongs – is where we find ourselves.  We bunked down just north of the ‘Gongs city centre on the shore of the pictureseque North Beach, which not so long ago segregated bathing for men and women.  There were different changing sheds and bathings times of day for both genders, all of whom were garbed in neck to knee costumes which we doubt had anything at all to do with sun protection! Continue Reading

What’s on in Tomerong?

imageSouth of Gerringong there’s a veritable nest of ‘Ongs that we knew of – Tomerong, Bewong, Comerong Island – and a couple we stumbled upon like Currarong, Yerriyong, Bendalong and Warrawong.  Well may you ask what’s on in Tomerong? The chalk board on the front of the community hall in that town told us there are markets on Saturday, from 8am.  Continue Reading

Tracking to the ‘fearful place’

The view of the Blue Mountains escarpment from Wombat Hill outside of Mittagong
The view of the Blue Mountains escarpment from Wombat Hill outside of Mittagong

Day 8 on the ‘Ong Tour finds us in the NSW Southern Highlands town of Mittagong, a name which is said to come from an Aboriginal word meaning “little mountain”. Other suggested meanings are “a companion” and “plenty of native dogs”, as apparently the hills around Mittagong were home to many dingos at one time.Continue Reading

Capital ‘Ong


We start our broadcast day – Day 7 on the ‘Ong Tour – in Canberra our nation’s capital, home to the outer suburb of  Tuggeranong. Local lore has it that Tuggeranong’s name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “cold plain”. If you ever visit Canberra in the winter you’ll understand what they’re talking about.

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