Happy Diagnosis Day

The Teardrop rock formation in Monument Valley, Arizona
The Teardrop rock formation in Monument Valley, Arizona

Yes folks, it’s my anniversary. On 17 December three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At the time I didn’t dare think too much further ahead than the next treatment hurdle, which in my case was a mastectomy two days after diagnosis. Oddly enough, the 17th December in 2016 falls on a Saturday – Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life Day in Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. A little spiritual tingle is travelling up my spine right now because it was after I came home from the hospital that I started writing my blogpost on that 7th Law, a post I’d been putting off for over a year as I came to terms with my own mid-life crisis, for want of a better description.  That post led to the Big Breast Adventure series and the rest, as they say in the classics, is history. It seems fitting on this day of reflection (for me at least) to reprise my  Law 7 – Purpose in Life post as a reminder to myself (more than anyone else) that time does indeed march on and finding one’s purpose continues to be a ‘work in progress’.

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Shiva the Destroyer

Shiva the DestroyerBefore any of this Big Breast Adventure palaver happened, my younger sister Janet and I went to Rajasthan on a fabulous Drawn to India art tour. From the outset we knew this tour would be a sojourn for the soul, heavily laced with woo-woo arty-farty stuff, just the ticket for two sisters traversing the transitions of middle-age – career upheaval, the passing of parents – you get the drill. To put it mildly, we were totally up for the magical, the mystical and the unknown. Mother India sure didn’t disappoint.Continue Reading


image…means thank you, you’re welcome and probably a host of other things in Hindi. Mostly though, I would like my final musings on our Drawn to India adventures to be a gratitude post.