My Friend The Headache

Since the age of 15, Epiphany Communication founder, Jenny McDonald, has suffered daily headaches.  Jenny is now in her 56rd year so that’s 41 years and more than 14,965 days of headaches.

Why are we telling you this?  Because the inception of Epiphany Communication is inextricably linked to these headaches, or headache “friends” as Jenny now refers to them.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that Jenny realised her work as a Public Relations professional, the way she worked and most importantly of all, what she was brought up to believe about work, had a direct bearing on her state of health.

In his fabulous book A Whole New Mind – Why Right-Brainers will Rule the Future’, Daniel Pink suggests writing a mini-saga of exactly 50 words, on any topic, to really distil one’s message. Herewith is a mini-saga on the book Jenny’s writing for your (brief) reading pleasure…

‘My Friend The Headache’
Suffering daily headaches from age 15, Jen seeks help over 40 years from 50 or more doctors, chiropractors, counsellors and healers. One husband, two kids and a PR business later, she starts Epiphany to write a book about past patterns and future cures.

Imagine waking up every day with a headache that robs you of your freedom to act and enjoy the moment. These are headaches that cannot be mastered, that seemingly defy control or management by medication or other therapies. Headaches (or any chronic pain for that matter) isolates you, destroying your sense of belonging to a functioning community and making you feel unique in your suffering.

Jenny’s had a lot of headaches – so many in fact she’s writing a book about them! And while reading about someone else’s life of pain may not be everybody’s cup of tea, there are insights in Jenny’s story for any person who has experienced pain – whether fleeting or chronic – and has soldiered on regardless.

And, as you’re actually reading the blurb on this book right now, aren’t you the teeniest bit curious as to why Jenny calls headaches her friends?

Only reading the book will clear up that little incongruity! Suffice to say in the meantime that ‘My Friend The Headache’ is more than the life story of a humble PR girl from Brisbane. It’s more than a self-help book for chronic pain sufferers. It’s even more than another mid-life crisis book for ageing chicks who’ve done the marriage, motherhood, career and mid-life mayhem thing.

‘My Friend The Headache’ is a sometimes raw, often funny and always frank account of one woman’s quest to come to terms with her past, her pain and the many messages her headache friends have been whispering in her ear (from the inside!) for the past 40-odd years.