Writing saved my life – I kid you not!

Writing Saved My Life - shutterstock_108489608Writing is writ large in our family, so to speak. My dad started his career as a finance journalist, one of my sisters is a sports writer while another is the author of several academic works. I married a journalist and together we’ve run a public relations firm for almost thirty years, writing everything from media releases to CEO’s speeches, website content to annual reports for various local and international clients.

One could safely say that I’ve made a career out of writing, but never in my wildest dreams did I think stringing words together would actually save my life.

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Cut your drag in the water

Cut your drag in the water - shutterstock_89989561Recently I’ve gotten back into the pool, slowly building up my lap numbers and time in the water to around 45 minutes.  It’s hard work but very satisfying and the toning effect on the old treatment-ravaged bod has been almost instantaneous. Even though my togs have a pouch for my breast prosthetic, I’ve never worn one to swim anywhere let alone in a chlorinated pool, fearing degradation of whatever material is used to shape that fake left bosom. And that’s all good from an aesthetic point of view because when one wears body-hugging racing cozzies, being one breast down is barely perceptible. From a functional perspective, however, the one-breasted swimmer can’t help but feel a little lopsided when coursing through the water.

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No silver bullets

No Silver Bullets - shutterstock_79374688On a recent Skype session my Florida-based Homeopath respectfully requested that I pen a post on silver bullets, or lack of them as it happens, in treatment and recovery from a major illness and (I suspect) in life as well. Round about the same time a family friend asked me to tell her how I was diagnosed and what I thought the cause of my disease was so she’d know what to ‘look out for’.Continue Reading

There’s never been a more exciting time….

Theres never been a more exciting time shutterstock_216032050…to be an Australian or an ex-cancer patient as it happens. A dear friend referred to the ending of my last post – The Definition of Insanity – as a ‘cliffhanger’ beseeching me to hurry up and write about the historic meeting between my Oncologist and my Naturopath. While we Australians are currently enduring the longest federal election campaign in history, I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing one of the only coinable phrases to come out of the mouth of our current PM, Malcolm Turnbull, and adapted it shamelessly to my current circumstances. (No sirree – ‘Jobs and Growth’ didn’t make the cut.)

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