Capital ‘Ong


We start our broadcast day – Day 7 on the ‘Ong Tour – in Canberra our nation’s capital, home to the outer suburb of  Tuggeranong. Local lore has it that Tuggeranong’s name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “cold plain”. If you ever visit Canberra in the winter you’ll understand what they’re talking about.

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Adventure before dementia

imageHear, hear, said we all in unison when we spotted this slogan on the side of a ‘grey nomads’ caravan leaving us in their dust in West Wyalong, which is where we start our own ‘Ong Tour adventure, Day 5.  So here’s some facts about West Wyalong gleaned from the information folder in our caravan park cabin. Continue Reading

Not from around these parts are ‘ya?

Molong - place of many rocks
Molong – place of many rocks

We’ve decided Sydney is one big rip-off. This morning we procured our own body weights in eggs, sausages, tea, coffee and toast in Molong for $10 a head.  Wacko!  Also, news of the ‘Ong Tour is tickling the fancies of our neighbours at the caravan parks, the lass in the Information Centre in Gulgong and the lovely manageress of our restaurant last night in Orange. By far our biggest reaction has been in Wyalong/West Wyalong in the Bland Shire.  More on that later as we first fill you in the day’s worth of ‘Ongs.

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We’re in Wiradjuri country now

Dusk on our arrival in Gulgong on Thursday
Dusk on our arrival in Gulgong on Thursday

Day 3 of the ‘Ong Tour and we’re in the historic town of Gulgong, just inside the boundary of the traditional nation of the Wiradjuri people which covers a whopping 97,100 square kilometre area of central and southern NSW.  The Wiradjuri people had strong ties of kinship and were reknowned as skilled hunter-fisher-gatherers. They lived in family groups or clans scattered throughout these lands, sustained by a diet of yabbies and fish like Murray cod from the rivers and in the dry season, kangaroo and emu supplemented by fruit and nuts such as wattleseeds and native orchid tubers.  Continue Reading