Glass half full

imageThe promised cornucopia of ‘Ongs on Day 6 of the tour turned out to be more like a glass half full, dear friends.  After an overnight stay at the very salubrious Big 4 caravan park in Wagga Wagga, we were in striking distance of a place called Yerong, about 46 kilometres to the south-west on the Olympic Highway. Continue Reading

Fifth Business

Fifth Business_snowballMore years ago now than I care to count I was a 17 year old Rotary Exchange student to Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I flew from a 30 plus degrees Celsius summer in Brisbane to -4 degrees with wind chill at Toronto airport. I went from a pigtailed, uniform-wearing, private school girl to the new kid at a North American high school in the middle of their year, straddling grades 12 and 13 as it then existed in Ontario. Culture shock doesn’t quite cover it. It was more like being sucked through a vortex into another dimension, a strange parallel universe where there was a lot of cold white stuff on the ground and I could see people’s lips moving but had no idea what they were talking about. Continue Reading

The Big Breast Adventure goes to Canada!

O Canada!Dear readers, you will now experience a break in our normal broadcast day as the Big Breast Adventure heads to Canada and San Francisco for a much needed change of scene.    I’m really excited about getting out of Dodge for a couple of weeks and that’s a good thing because, now that I’ve been treated for breast cancer, there are so many things ones needs to take into account when planning long haul travel.

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