There’s never been a more exciting time….

Theres never been a more exciting time shutterstock_216032050…to be an Australian or an ex-cancer patient as it happens. A dear friend referred to the ending of my last post – The Definition of Insanity – as a ‘cliffhanger’ beseeching me to hurry up and write about the historic meeting between my Oncologist and my Naturopath. While we Australians are currently enduring the longest federal election campaign in history, I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing one of the only coinable phrases to come out of the mouth of our current PM, Malcolm Turnbull, and adapted it shamelessly to my current circumstances. (No sirree – ‘Jobs and Growth’ didn’t make the cut.)

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The definition of insanity

A labyrinth represents a spiritual journey - a meandering but purposeful path.
A labyrinth represents a spiritual journey via a meandering yet purposeful path.

A couple of posts ago I said I was ‘drawing a line’ under the Big Breast Adventure in an attempt to get on with my life. While part of that statement still holds true, the fact that I shall never really be done with this ramble has recently come to the fore.  Thankfully this reassertion has been more with a whimper than a bang, but it’s a whimper nonetheless. In order to explain I have to go back to well before the start of the Big Breast Adventure.

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Perfectionism can give you a headache

This time last year I was working on a politically sensitive in-house project. To tell you more about this project would be indiscreet…OK….I was managing the rollout and results reporting of an internal staff survey. And if you know anything about these types of surveys, you’ll know they are always politically sensitive. The things employees say about their workplace under a blanket of confidentiality are rarely music to the ears of management.Continue Reading

Having an epiphany changes things

Do you know the kind of fireworks I like best?  They’re the ones where you hear a deep boom when it’s launched but you don’t know where in the sky it’s going to explode or what colour it will be. Today I’m launching a personal endeavour that’s been a very long time coming – the Epiphany Communication website and blog – my own little fireworks display for, what I hope will be, your regular reading pleasure.
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