Bundi skylines

IMG_0728Bundi is truly a gem and still a bit on the periphery of the tourist circuit. There are hardly any touts and no need to bargain in the market. Our hotel, the lovely Nawalgarh Sagar Palace, is set right on the lip of the lake and has a verdant grassy courtyard overlooking a tranquil white dome not too far from shore.

Rock art in Bundi

imageAfter a day long bus ride from Pushkar we turned a steep corner and suddenly there was Bundi  – blue, pink and yellow painted dwellings nestled by a lake hosting two temple islands, overlooked by the imposing Taragarh Fort built in the 1660s. Atop the surrounding hills are battlement walls with domed lookouts perched on the peaks. Rudyard Kipling wrote Kim here and the magnificent fort which is a short walk up the hill from the town is home to one of the best collections of Indian miniature paintings.Continue Reading

Holy Pushkar

imageGracious hello, one sees some funny things on the road in India:
(1)  A group of women working by the roadside wearing orange reflector safety vests over their very colourful saris.

(2) A brown goat with its ears painted with pink pigment and two cows meandering down the road – one with horns painted red and the other bright blue.Continue Reading

A final few words on Nawalgarh

IMG_D Nawalgarh (345)On the morning of our final day in Nawalgarh we sat outdoors in the stable area to practice ‘blind contour’ and ‘negative space’ drawing.  Catherine prescribes blind contour exercises to help ‘loosen up the brain’.  The budding artist draws the outline of a subject – in our case the gracious Mr Singh, stable master at the palace that’s been our abode for the past few days – without looking at the page nor lifting the pencil from the paper.  Continue Reading