A trip to textile town – Bagru

IMG_J Jaipur (441)

The day before leaving Jaipur we visited Bagru a very small town with a big reputation for hand printed textiles. We saw a wood block maker doing his intricate work and passing this skill onto his son as his father did for him.  It’s such intricate and delicate work, all hand done, and we had the opportunity to submit our own wood block design to be produced here and sent onto us after we’ve returned home. Continue Reading

We lost Janet at Tiger Fort

IMG_J Jaipur (102)Nahargarh or Tiger Fort is high above Jaipur surrounded by a large forest area said to be inhabited by tigers, panthers and other native wildlife. The fort boasts an impressive and labyrinthine palace able to house the reigning Rajput’s multitudinous family.  As in Bundi, the windows and roof top of this palace afford spectacular views of the city below.  Continue Reading

Bollywood in Jaipur

IMG_J Jaipur (247)From Bundi we head to Jaipur – the pink city – so named because of the signature terracotta colour of the city gates and buildings in the old part of town. It is also the setting for the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, filmed on the outskirts of the city.  The soundtrack to that movie includes a song entitled Assault on the Senses and that’s exactly how Jaipur feels to me after the smaller centres we’ve visited over the past 10 days.Continue Reading

Bundi skylines

IMG_0728Bundi is truly a gem and still a bit on the periphery of the tourist circuit. There are hardly any touts and no need to bargain in the market. Our hotel, the lovely Nawalgarh Sagar Palace, is set right on the lip of the lake and has a verdant grassy courtyard overlooking a tranquil white dome not too far from shore.