Let go or be dragged

20180409 Let go or be dragged - shutterstockIf ever there was a time I might feel like a cartoon character it would be now, and I choose Russell, the tubby boy scout and accidental stowaway in the Pixar-Disney movie Up. One reason for this might be Russell’s innocent optimism and persistence in his quest to ‘do a good deed’ for the grumpy old Carl, despite Carl’s rudeness. Or it could be how Russell’s initial terror at being stuck on the front porch of Carl’s house as it’s hoisted skywards by a clump of balloons the size of Arkansas, turns into excitement and wonder at this inadvertent adventure. Continue Reading

The Claytons Recovery

CLAYTONS RECOVERYMy parents were teetotallers in the main, that is until we managed to turn my father onto red wine in the latter years of his life – for the health benefits you understand. In my teen years I remember my dad bringing home all manner of non-alcoholic beverages and mixers in an ultimately futile bid to dissuade his daughters from hooking into the hard stuff for as long as possible. Claytons, the faux brown liquor that one could mix with ginger ale and pretend it was a scotch and dry, was one of these. Remember the TV ad with Jack Thompson? ‘Claytons. The drink you’re having when you’re not having a drink’. Four years down the track, it appears my recovery from breast cancer and its treatment is just like that. Continue Reading

I’m still here!

Photo by Ethan Daniels courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo by Ethan Daniels courtesy of Shutterstock

It must be a quirk of my brain that a scene from a movie or lyrics from a song pop into my head when I’m trying to ‘allegorise’ (is that even a word?) a set of circumstances on this Big Breast Adventure.  I’d blame the chemo, as I have for any vagueness, forgetfulness or just plain stupidity in the past four years, but this is something my family will attest has been an annoying fixture of my temperament for ages – long before cancer darkened my door. And I’m about to do it again now, dear readers, this time pointing you in the direction of the indomitable Shirley MacLaine as Doris Mann in the late, great Carrie Fisher’s book and film Postcards from the Edge.

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