image…means thank you, you’re welcome and probably a host of other things in Hindi. Mostly though, I would like my final musings on our Drawn to India adventures to be a gratitude post.

Our heartfelt thanks to Catherine Parker for putting together such an artistic, interesting, insightful, creative, joyful tour of Rajasthan. Your love of India, its people and the art that was (and remains) all around us is palpable and highly contagious. Love your work, babe, and I’m up for round two sometime in the not too distant future, I know it.
imageTo Kamlesh Vyas of Lakshmi Tours, you had us from the moment you said “I know that cow” when pointing to a picture Janet had cut out of a travel brochure and stuck in the opening pages of her art journal.  The cow pic was indeed from Jaisalmer, your home town, and you explained that the very same cow comes up the front steps of your house each morning to get a chapati. Janet and I are still marvelling at this coincidence but I guess that’s a point well made – there are no coincidences! Thank you, thank you for treating us like family, fixing stuff when it was broken, negotiating the best prices in the market, always finding us when we were lost, and for taking cheeky pictures that made me look like a bunny. (See earlier post Sunrise over Delhi.) We were meant to meet you on this tour – hope it will be the first of many.
imageTo Manu and Devenrda – driving in India, let alone driving a bus full of white, artsy women, is certainly not for the faint of heart. We never felt unsafe, despite the hairiness of the traffic situations around us.  Thank you for seeing us safely around Rajasthan.
imageTo the gentle, wise, knowledgeable and very funny Mr Tripathi. Thank you for just being you and adding that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to Drawn to India.
imageThank you to my sister Janet for coming up with the idea in the first place, and providing much mirth on the trip.  It truly was a spiritual journey and I can’t thank you enough to taking me along for the ride.
IMG_FC PushkarAlso to our fellow travellers for the laughs, insights, the generosity and the vulnerability of what we shared together.  Well done, y’all!
And lastly to all of the readers of the Epiphany Drawn to India blogposts.  I’ve been bowled over by your comments on individual posts and the many personal messages I’ve received from friends who’ve enjoyed the adventure. Your enthusiasm has put renewed zing into my blogging efforts and subscribers to the feeds will continue to receive whatever I go on with from here. Now that this Indian caper is adjourned I hope you won’t rush me with ‘unsubscribes’! Of course you can opt to do this at any time if you wish but now that we’re friends, I hope you’ll stay on with me.  Thank you for coming along thus far.
IMG_B Delhi (24)Namaste.


  1. Kellee Douglas says

    Jenny, I have been carried along with you on this journey. I have never had a desire to travel to India but through reading your blogs I have been inspired by the tales you have shared. You have captured and colourfully shared the spirit of the country. Many thanks for sharing this experience. I may get there myself one day!

  2. says

    jen, this nearly made me cry..okay did..surely it can’t be over?
    Your gratitude is your gift..tears, like champaign [predictive text..] fill my heart…
    You are a diamond.. A true gift
    Thankyou for your gentleness, your perception and your raucous joyfully evocative self x 2..that rambunctious sister [ I won’t use that M word ]
    Love and big hugs
    X c

  3. Julie McHenry says

    Jenny–thank-you for taking us on your journey. You posts have added a needed respite to my days. Keep ‘em coming!!
    Welcome home! Julie

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