We lost Janet at Tiger Fort

IMG_J Jaipur (102)Nahargarh or Tiger Fort is high above Jaipur surrounded by a large forest area said to be inhabited by tigers, panthers and other native wildlife. The fort boasts an impressive and labyrinthine palace able to house the reigning Rajput’s multitudinous family.  As in Bundi, the windows and roof top of this palace afford spectacular views of the city below.  

IMG_J Jaipur (174)

IMG_J Jaipur (143)

 It is here we lost Janet to her art. She sat down at one of the many windows overlooking the city and sketched her version of it in total bliss, oblivious to the passing of time and the calls of the security guards sent around to look for her.  And I guess that’s the appeal of a tour like Drawn to India in a nutshell – getting lost in your art and going with the flow.  The result is pretty good don’t you think?
IMG_J Jaipur (442)
IMG_J Jaipur (205)On the way back into Jaipur we stopped to take in the palace on the lake.  Apparently this was built so the Maharaja and his family could enjoy the monsoon season away from the crowds frolicking and washing in the streets when the rain came down.
IMG_J Jaipur (245)Our final stop in Jaipur was the famous Jantar Mantar astronomical garden observatory. Apparently the Sanskrit name can be loosely translated as ‘magical device’. It was built in the centre of Jaipur for the Maharaja Jai Singh II around the early part of the 1700s to observe the movements of sun, moon, planets and stars. A fascinating place, beautifully tended and very well attended on the afternoon we visited.
IMG_J Jaipur (233)
IMG_J Jaipur (231)Like an oasis.


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