Sunrise over Delhi

IMG_B Delhi (59)Sunrise on Friday 1 November from the rooftop of our best exotic Jyoti Mahal in Delhi. Today is the first day of the Diwali Festival and the first day of our Drawn to India art tour.

One of our guides, Mr Tripati, said the smog is so much better now that tuk tuks and buses are run on natural gas.  It’s still pretty smoggy though – tough on the respiratory system but makes for fab sunrises and sunsets.

IMG_B Delhi (65)Our fearless leader, Catherine, escorted Janet and I to morning prayers at a nearby shrine.  Beautiful children showed us how to bow properly and waft the incense smoke over our heads. Don’t they look happy and blessed? (Janet’s on the left.)

We spent the day at Sanskriti Kendra Cultural Arts Centre and Museum.  I’ve always liked terracotta and this place was chock-full of it.  Every corner you turned in the beautiful gardens revealed an artwork of some kind.

IMG_B Delhi (85)Our cheeky guide, Kamlesh, lined me up for a picture in front of some painted terracotta horses. Note to self – never relinquish the camera to the guide on an art tour.




IMG_B Delhi (82)We spent the afternoon sketching at will and even tried out a white ink pen on terracotta paper which was stunning.

More soon.








  1. says

    Wow Jenny, it sounds amazing AND it would seem you are in rehearsal to be the Easter Bunny in 2014! :)

    And, is that YOUR drawing on the terracotta? Who said you aren’t an artiste? Amazing! You make me want to do it – charcoal and all!

    Love Meredith

  2. Ros says

    Thanks Jen, India suits you! Even with terracotta pony ears.
    Enjoy every sunrise, every drawing, every blessing and every photo opportunity.
    Love Ros

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