Home again, home again. Jiggety-jig.

IMG_LB Departing Delhi (1) IMG_B Delhi (38)My feet are on the ground now in Sydney but my head and heart refuse to catch up.  They are still full of funny, sweet, colourful memories and images of Rajasthan. This first picture is from Delhi airport, would you believe?  A Diwali decoration on the floor made entirely of coloured rice. Here are some of my other memories and pictures:

IMG_FB Pushkar (102)

IMG_G Pushkar to Bundi (97) IMG_FB Pushkar (66) IMG_D Nawalgarh (237) IMG_B Delhi (20)

  • A woman in a sari getting into car that appears to be parked on a busy roundabout.
  • A man in traditional whites and coloured turban, leading a donkey on a busy highway carrying six or more baby goats slung in old saris on its back.  Their little heads and floppy ears are bobbling along.
  • Men on motorbikes driving on the wrong side of the road, flashing their lights at our bus.
  • Cows in the road and in the marketplace – never get sick of seeing them.
  • Janet and a little boy dressed as Shiva in the Pushkar marketplace.
  • A people mover full of men – 12 or more – all asleep except for the driver (presumably).
  • A broadly smiling little boy having a wee on the side of the road, one hand on his appendage the other waving excitedly at our bus. (I guess there’s time to learn ‘peeing in public’ etiquette – heaven knows there’s enough adult men doing it!)
  • A bloke lying down on a motorcycle, feet hooked under the handlebars, riding along a highway.
  • The cheeky Kamlesh and our driver Devendra, cool as cucumbers, ferrying seven white women safely across what looks to be a six lane road in Jaipur, at night.  I’ve never been a confident jaywalker as anyone who knows me will attest. I felt like calling for my mother.
  • A sign stating ‘Reception Room, Weeding Garden’ (instead of wedding garden) on the fence of a resort-type place on the road from Jaipur to Delhi
  • ‘Snakes’ in stead of ‘Snacks’ on a restaurant menu.
And the winning comment of the trip came from our own dear Mr Tripathi (pictured here with Janet on the roof of our hotel in Delhi)
“When you are in India you need a stick.”
More soon.


  1. Janet (lost but found in Tiger Fort) says

    Jenny wren, what a wonderful time we had! Thank you for the chronicle of parts of the journey, my god, I am convinced that India is the place where the Gods speak to you. I had a profound dream in Narwalgarh upon hearing the early morning call to prayer from the mosque; Shiva sat at the end of my bed and asked him “why are you here? That is a Muslim call to prayer!” And he answered “all the Gods come where there is prayer, we all listen.” I believe it.

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