Bundi skylines

IMG_0728Bundi is truly a gem and still a bit on the periphery of the tourist circuit. There are hardly any touts and no need to bargain in the market. Our hotel, the lovely Nawalgarh Sagar Palace, is set right on the lip of the lake and has a verdant grassy courtyard overlooking a tranquil white dome not too far from shore.
IMG_1270 IMG_1806After dinner on our first night Catherine set us up for a little night painting. Sounds counter-intuitive I know but it was fun and a great exercise in not being so literal –  always a bit of a challenge for me. At the halfway point in the trip this was a timely reminder to just let go and have some fun with the art.
Here’s one of mine and Suzanne’s for your interest.
IMG_0719[1]Taragarh Fort which overlooks Bundi is, in a word, fabulous as are the views of the town it affords.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Like so many historic places we’ve visited in India the fort is in a state of semi-decay which only adds to its charm in my humble opinion. That and all the monkeys scurrying around its parapets – little scamps.
IMG_0775IMG_0807Our own cheeky Kamlesh tells us that this fort has what they call circle security.  Even if the outer wall is breached there are many inner walls connected by various secret passages to bamboozle the invaders.
Elephants clearly rule at this place from the tall gates flanked by high stone platforms so the Maharajah can mount the beast to the many motifs and murals throughout.
It becomes a theme in my art for the day, completed while we sat for a pleasant hour in one of the highest rooms in the fort above a wonderful, almost secret garden.


IMG_1120IMG_1115[1]Later on we enjoy an opposite view of this fort from a rooftop in the town.


  1. Meredith says

    Wow Jen – I am so looking forward to the full debrief – not to mention checking out your art – you are slowly inspiring me and I have even pulled out an art book, my coloured pencils and a ‘learn to draw’ book! x

  2. says

    thanks jen, I feel like I am reliving the whole experience from my hotel room in pune..the other side of Rajasthan! and just so lovely to see your art again..so fresh and spontaneous. Xxx c
    Hope you settling in well x

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