Bollywood in Jaipur

IMG_J Jaipur (247)From Bundi we head to Jaipur – the pink city – so named because of the signature terracotta colour of the city gates and buildings in the old part of town. It is also the setting for the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, filmed on the outskirts of the city.  The soundtrack to that movie includes a song entitled Assault on the Senses and that’s exactly how Jaipur feels to me after the smaller centres we’ve visited over the past 10 days.

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Our accommodation is the stately, restored Hotel Diggi Palace with its verdant, spacious lawns and hideaway courtyards and be-turbaned waiters.  It is an oasis in the midst of a busy, vibrant city.
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And given Jaipur’s cinematic credentials it’s only fair we should take in a little Bollywood while here. We visit the legendary Raj Mandir cinema to see Krish 3 a fantasy/action/romance/comedy/musical – take your pick!
IMG_J Jaipur (281)The foyer of the cinema is Indian Art Deco and the screening area has the most lush looking ceiling when it’s all lit up with green lights. The Raj Mandir theatre is also home to a group of pigeons that regularly display their theatrical prowess by flapping across the screen during the film, usually during the tense bits.  Now that’s 3D entertainment.
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