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IMG_B Delhi (88) I’m told by Kamlesh that Ganesha is Wednesday’s Hindu God. Ganesha, the elephant God, is chiefly known as ‘the remover of obstacles’ and Wednesday is also Law of Least Effort day in Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. It seems like every day on this trip could have been Wednesday – we saw what we needed to see, got to fit in some art, been given wonderful gifts, all with a minimum of effort.  As we head back to Delhi on the last day of our tour we’re still laughing and enjoying this unique experience, unhindered by the fact our food kitty is just about dry!

IMG_K Jaipur to Delhi (27)On the way we stop at a funny little roadside resort place.  Our fearless bus driver, Devendra, did a u-turn across six lanes of traffic to get the bus to the entrance.  I can see the headlines now, “Man of Steel Found Working as Bus Driver in Rajasthan”. While we wait for lunch we walked to the back of the property to see an entire gully of the native grass (my mother used to call it the Prince of Wales feather) that is so prolific throughout the countryside. This picture to my mind captures the subtle hues of the Indian countryside that are the backdrop for dramatic colour-splashes of field workers’ saris, white temples and the bright red and yellow flags or simply washing hanging out on a line between the trees.
IMG_K Jaipur to Delhi (36)Even the late afternoon Delhi traffic presents no obstacle to us (thanks Ganesha).  When we arrive at the marketplace in old Delhi where we must leave the bus (it’s too big to traverse the alleys to our hotel) we are greeted with yet another wedding.  The musicians gather around our bus as we pass the groom alighting from a decorated white horse, IMG_K Jaipur to Delhi (40)surrounded by guests and well-wishers.
IMG_K Last night in Delhi (18) IMG_K Last night in Delhi (13) IMG_K Last night in Delhi (6) IMG_K Last night in Delhi (11) Once ensconsed back at our hotel we have a show and tell of our individual work. Catherine is surprised at how productive we’ve been and even the cheeky Kamlesh has had a go with some truly great results.
And so Drawn to India November 2013 ends but it’s surely not over – not for me anyway. When I get home and have allowed a few days for the hugeness of the experience to settle in a bit I will post again – probably a couple of times – on funny things that stick in my memory and the most important take home messages.
IMG_K Last night in Delhi (3)Thanks for coming along for the ride.  More soon.


  1. Jan van der Meer says

    Hi Jenny – your trip sounds awesome and your photos and art are great. Looks like you are one of those people that love India! Look forward to catching up soon.

  2. Julie McHenry says

    Hi Jenny – What an amazing trip. I can’t wait to hear your post-getting home thoughts. We call that Pampas Grass here on the Northern California coast.
    XO Julie

  3. says

    jen, funny and great to read this delhi post as I am departing delhi..some bits really made me giggle..thanks for your wonderful insights..reading it makes me feel like I am swimming in indian joy, beauty and the incongruity of life at its best..what a special journey.
    The productivity of the group is not just skill and commitment but that of an open heart, joy and humility.
    Love to india and friendships x c

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