Art and other stuff I learned in India

IMG_B Delhi (24) Now that I am home and the Drawn to India tour is, sadly, receding into the past a few key lessons about art and life have left their mark on me. I’m really glad to have the opportunity to share these with you as I may need reminding at some point in the future. Here they are:
IMG_B Delhi (71) IMG_D Nawalgarh (284) IMG_D Nawalgarh (379) IMG_H Bundi (517) IMG_J Jaipur (85) IMG_J Jaipur (328) IMG_J Jaipur (414)Art is everywhere – you just have to open your mind to it. The paint splodge on the wall. The light filtering through the trees. Flower petals in a bowl of water. Opening your minds-eye view to the art that is all around you is actually a really good way to be present in the moment.
Happy accidents.  Sometimes the result of an accidental spillages or just mucking around with different mediums can create a wonderful outcome.
Let go. The blind contouring exercise with Mr Singh was really instructive for me. The letting go wasn’t as disastrous or scary as I thought it would be and I discovered that control and striving for perfection are impediments to art – well, my art at least.
And the biggy from this trip (drum roll)…..
Choose to look past the rubbish and focus on the beauty. If you focus on the rubbish that is everywhere in India trust me, it will overwhelm you. If, however, you choose to focus on the beautiful landscapes, generous and joyous people, stunning colours, funny things that happen and excellent traditions, you will see more and experience more of these good things. I think this big lesson is equally applicable to life. Bad stuff can happen and crap can be all around you. While it would be silly to pretend otherwise or be in denial, you can make a conscious choice about where to put your attention. Focus on the good stuff. Amen.


  1. Celine Donnell says

    Welcome home Jen,
    What a colourful journey it has been for you! Merci mon amie for sharing it with us. The art (there is a calling there Jen); the vibrant photography and creative journal of your magical trip clearly defines your talent. How wonderful it has been to embark on this journey with Janet and forging new friendships along the way. I will miss your “Drawn To India” blog – perhaps a special last request of your favourite dish?
    Affectionately Celine x

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