A trip to textile town – Bagru

IMG_J Jaipur (441)

The day before leaving Jaipur we visited Bagru a very small town with a big reputation for hand printed textiles. We saw a wood block maker doing his intricate work and passing this skill onto his son as his father did for him.  It’s such intricate and delicate work, all hand done, and we had the opportunity to submit our own wood block design to be produced here and sent onto us after we’ve returned home. 

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IMG_J Jaipur (311)







IMG_J Jaipur (345)We saw these awesome wood block designs in action later when we looked in on a workshop where women were applying the prints. According to cheeky Kamlesh,  each woman applying these prints can get through around 60 metres of fabric a day.



IMG_J Jaipur (436)Still later we visited the store where the finished fabrics are sold – mind blowing really that this handmade, artisan work produces so much!

IMG_J Jaipur (377)Did I mention that it’s wedding season in Rajasthan?  The first lunar cycle after Diwali is a big time for weddings and that means decorated horses, processions with bands and dancing in the streets.
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Shortly afterwards all of us girls in the Drawn to India troup were invited to join in a special dance celebrating women.  Here’s Cath and Janet getting down and funky with the local ladies. Dancing with the Stars  has nothing on us.
IMG_J Jaipur (405)


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    Jen, will you be bringing back an elaborate sari that we can bank on seeing you in? I hope with all these amazing textiles that you’ve at least tried on a spectacular sari – even if we won’t see one in Australia :)

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