A final few words on Nawalgarh

IMG_D Nawalgarh (345)On the morning of our final day in Nawalgarh we sat outdoors in the stable area to practice ‘blind contour’ and ‘negative space’ drawing.  Catherine prescribes blind contour exercises to help ‘loosen up the brain’.  The budding artist draws the outline of a subject – in our case the gracious Mr Singh, stable master at the palace that’s been our abode for the past few days – without looking at the page nor lifting the pencil from the paper.  
IMG_D Nawalgarh (356)While I stuck to the letter of the exercise (with some Picasso looking results) one of our little group, Catherine, who hails from Charleston South Carolina, went onto create this beautiful work.
IMG_D Nawalgarh (358)The stable area is home to horses, camels, goats, sheep and more than a few dogs.  We were visited by all in the course of the morning, one of which took Catherine’s chair when she got up to stretch her legs.
IMG_D Nawalgarh (359)
IMG_D Nawalgarh (374)After a hard morning’s art we walked to an organic farm a little way down the road for a wonderful lunch sourced, cooked and served by this gentle, elegant woman.  Such a treat.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the Mewar horses demonstrate their magnificence in the late afternoon with their customary gallop back to the stables.
IMG_D Nawalgarh (376)
IMG_D Nalwalgarh (1)Janet had to be prised from the column at the doorway of our lodgings when it came time to leave for Pushkar the following morning.


  1. John Cozzi says

    Jennifer, you and Janet appear to be settled into the Raj very well! feed is coming through perfectly. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Meredith says


    This trip sounds wonderful. I thought you were going to tell us that painting was yours…. I was thinking ‘geez, she’s really taking Brene’s opinions on creativity to a new level!’ – either way I’m deeply impressed by what you’re doing and know I need to loosen my creative brain (to work!!). I’ll be looking for tips when you get home xx

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