Great viewing in September 2013

The Newsroom Seasons 1 and 2…One half of my family loves The Newsroom a relatively new series created by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame.  It’s a political drama set in a New York newsroom with a brilliant, cranky anchor (Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy), a savvy, committed executive producer who also happens to be the former lover of Will McAvoy (Emily Mortimer as MacKenzie McHale), and absolute stand out performances from Sam Waterson as Charlie Skinner (president of the news division of the fictitious media conglomerate) and Jane Fonda as Leona Lansing (the mogul who owns the whole shebang). I say one half of the family but it’s really more like two-thirds.  The one-third who dislike The Newsroom do so because, being journalists themselves, they think the series isn’t realistic enough – that people don’t really talk like that or have such high ideals in a real newsroom.

On the other hand, the ‘two thirds’ camp who are hooked on The Newsroom love it because, while it’s set against a backdrop of real news events such as the Arab Spring and the rise of the Tea Party as a force in US politics, these events are overlaid with lots of narrative and personal drama. And anyway, in could be argued that the ‘two thirds’ camp are in essence upholding the most basic pillar on which journalism is founded – never let the facts get in the in way of a good story. (Boom boom.)

Season 2 is over now and diehards like me have to wait until 2014 for Season 3.  It’s a greeat opportunity for those of you who are unacquainted with The Newsroom to get up to speed.  I think it’s worth your time – so much so that I’ll probably watch both seasons again for fun!


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